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Philippians 1:21 ......... Get a life

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Philippians 1:21  .........   Get a life Empty Philippians 1:21 ......... Get a life

Post by twin spin on Thu Jun 30, 2011 3:02 am

Get a life!” is an expression that is sometimes thrown around.
We’re told to pack our lives with more excitement,
to help ourselves to an extra measure of things that will make us happier,
to fill ourselves with the goodness that life has to offer.
But a big void will remain in our hearts that cannot be filled with the glitter and glamor that is advertised as the fullness of life.

Jesus said, “I am…the life” (John 14:6). He is our life’s fulfillment.
Because sin permeated us, we were dead before God.
But Jesus came to suffer the punishment we deserved as sinners; he died to give us life with God.
To live is Christ! We have the free gift of eternal life through Jesus!

Our Savior fills our life with his love so that we never want to be without him.
God’s forgiveness won by Jesus’ death on the cross gives us such great peace that we never want to be without it.
Jesus’ victory over death by his glorious resurrection fills our hearts with such wonderful comfort that we never want to lose it. His promises give us such firm confidence that we never want to go through a day without the assurance of his powerful presence.

Jesus Christ is the Lord of our lives. Our lives are defined by our Savior, from beginning to end.
The fullness of life that we have through him will be reflected in the way we do our jobs,
the way we interact with people, the way we spend all of our time.
To live is Christ! Our joy is dedicating our whole life to Jesus who gave his life for us. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


Lord Jesus, I thank you for giving me life with God. Let my life be more and more defined by your love.
Help me dedicate my whole life to you! Amen

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