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TILM's media campaign info

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TILM's media campaign info Empty TILM's media campaign info

Post by twin spin on Wed May 18, 2011 7:49 pm

The "Feeling Worthy" will be begin with a bill board on I-70 next to Richfield, UT. The billboard will be up for four months.
During this time, two mailings will be sent to every household in San Pete County.
The mailings will direct interested Mormons to go to web site.

In addition there will be a billboard message of "feeling worthy" in June nearby Manti.


The LDS Church is aggressively coming to Minnesota. With a major campain followed by hundreds of Mormon missionaries walking th estreets, MN has become a target expansion by the LDS Church.

To help educate Christians about the false gospel of Mormonism and how to speak the truth in love, TILM will be making presentations at the following churches:

May 18 Trinity Lutheran Church - Osceola, WI 7:00pm

May 22 St. John's Lutheran Church - Glencoe, MN 10:30 am
.......... Friedens Lutheran Church - New Prague, MN 1:30 pm

May 23 Our Savior Lutheran Church - Kasson, MN 7:00 pm

May 24 St. Mark Lutheran Church - Mankato, MN 7:00 pm

May 25 Christ the Lord Lutheran Church - Cottage Grove, MN 7:00 pm
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